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Over the years we have had numerous styluses and pens show up in the market that can take what we write on paper and then transfer them digitally to a device such as an iPad. But these writing instruments have been fairly limited. Mainly, the biggest limit to those devices was that they required you to use special, usually expensive, paper that can record what you are writing. Allow me to introduce you to STABILO’s Digipen.

The Digipen allows you to write like you normally would with any other regular ballpoint pen. What sets it apart from the other smart pens out there is that it works on any paper you choose to use. The pen has an on board chip that senses what you write and then transfers that data to whatever device it is connected to via bluetooth. If you find yourself with a messy pocket full of reminder notes you wrote to yourself, perhaps you would like to check out the Digipen. Instead of writing on a paper and stuffing it into your pocket, forgetting about it for months, you could write your notes using the Digipen and import it into your computer or tablet. There is even a micro USB port in the bottom of the pen that allows rapid data transfers as well as charging. The Digipen comes with a smart pattern recognition software that will quickly learn your writing patterns in as much time as it would take to write a couple of sample sentences in block letters. What is more is that if you do not have your device nearby or a Bluetooth connection available, the Digipen can still store several hours of writing onboard to be transferred later via USB.

The Digipen will launch in late 2016, so to stay up to date on its development head on over to today.

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