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Have you been dreaming about building the perfect home theater for years? Are you finally ready to make it happen? Most likely you are just missing the perfect element. Well check out the Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Home Theater Projector. If you are looking for beautiful, vivid imagery this exactly what you need.

We know that shopping for the perfect projector is hard, and if you’ve done it before, you may have found one that provided an alright experience, but eventually you ended up watching movies on your old equipment. The Sony VPL-VW665ES 4K Home Theater Projector has four times the resolution of Full HD everything looks crisp and clear, creating an immersive experience. Let’s take a look at some of its features. As I said this Sony Home Theater Projector has got 4K resolution, 1800 lumens brightness to help out with that vividness, three hundred thousand to one contrast ration for rich detail, and HDR compatibility for the latest high-quality video experience. Not only does it project native 4K content, but it up-scales the HD experience from “lesser” HD formats. Maybe that was too technical, let’s put it this way. Have you bought a Blu-ray movie and found yourself unimpressed with the quality? This is most likely due to poor equipment. The Sony Projector works to improve the quality of HD Blu-ray and TV images using Reality Creation processing. This is a projector that will make you want to host a movie night at your house every night to show it off. This Sony tech enhances lower resolution content, even bringing 3D movies up to 4K resolution. And with the 665ES you are “future–proofed,” meaning you are ready to project the new 4K Blu-ray discs and 4K and HDR streaming video.

You can pick one of these bad boys up now for $14,999.99. Just head to find an authorized retailer today.

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