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Utility companies like water, electricity, and gas – as well as their consumers – care most about efficiency. We know that nobody wants to be wasteful, but unfortunately, waste is inevitable. However, reducing waste is still an achievable goal. Smart Utility Systems and their cloud-based solutions is improving conservation of these utilities from all angles is ranking #1 in the industry. These solutions work to engage customers, manage the workforce, and provide insights from big data analytics.

Their Smart Customer Mobile solution is a platform for customers to engage and become smarter about their energy and water usage. The solution that Smart Utility Systems brings is it creates a two-way real-time communication between the consumer and the utility, bridging the education gap that often holds communities from true conservation. Smart Mobile Workforce on the other hand is for businesses to increase efficiency among their workers. Business owners can track work orders, expenses, time sheets, assets, training and learning, and a lot more. And then there is Smart Water IQ. This smart software helps to comply with state mandated action on conservation. What makes this software really stand out is it offers customer engagement, water and energy analytics, leak detection, real-time data from numerous sources on power assets, and efficiency. We know how hard it is to keep track of this normally in our busy day-to-day lives, but Smart Utility Systems has made it easy for anyone to do. Smart Utility Systems even has a Drought Package which allows water users to submit usage data. The point is to help identify and manage water waste during a drought like we have recently seen in California.

To start reducing waste, and for more information on Smart Utility Systems and their Software-as-a-Service solutions go to

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