A Speaker You Can Take Everywhere

Have you ever been at a barbecue or on the beach listening to music with a portable speaker, but were disappointed because it has the most painfully low quality sound you have ever heard? We know how unpleasant that can be. Well, here is a great solution for your problem. It’s called beBox. beBox is a speaker specifically made for being enjoyed outdoors. While we are sure you have had some experience with an outdoor speaker or two, and probably have been let down, you have never heard anything quite like beBox.

The sound quality of beBox is like something you would find indoors with great acoustics and a deep bass. What is more is that it is so conveniently portable that it fits right in the palm of your hand. This speaker is wrapped in silicone and designed to take a bit of a beating. So, that means that you can throw the beBox right in your bag or strap it to your bike without having to worry about it getting damaged. And trust us, you will want to take this speaker everywhere with you to show it off once you hear it. How awesome would it be to have a great quality speaker sitting right next to the pool or the beach and not have to worry about it getting water damage?  Well, beBox is also water-resistant so water activities are definitely not a problem. Because beBox is a Bluetooth product, you can play whatever you want from your smart device. And a full charge lasts anywhere between 8 and 16 hours of continual use, which is perfect for a full day of music listening during a hike or lounging at a campsite.

You can pick up the beBox for $79.99 in either black or green by heading to Koar.com today.

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