Destroy those Annoying Cat Memes

App Review

Raise your hand if you are tired of cat memes constantly clogging up your social media feed. Do you kind of wish you could do something about it? Maybe relieve some of that frustration? Well we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out the game Cat Crisis.

This family friendly shooting game places you in a world where you can shoot all those pesky cat memes. By swiping at the screen you can cut down the parade of cats that file in. But here is where it gets real cool. You can practice your skills solo using their finger blade mode. But the best way to play this multi-player game is with nine players at a time to even the odds since cats have nine lives. One person can work their finger across the screen with a swiping motion while eight others can use their phones as controllers, making it a great party game to play with friends. Even better, there are three ways to connect to the console: Bluetooth, WiFi, and there is even a peer-to-peer connection which does not require any WiFi or data. Because it works on the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and your Mac, you can use any combination of these Apple devices for a fun time with your friends and family. Cat Crisis even has a version of the app coming soon for the Apple TV. What is more is that all the art work in the game was designed by the same company that worked on the upcoming game Final Fantasy Fifteen. So that means these are some pretty solid graphics.

Cat Crisis is free for iOS devices and only $6.99 on your Mac. So to relieve your cat-meme frustration, head on over to the App Store to download Cat Crisis today.

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