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Fine cigars are a great luxury and a wonderful pastime that many people enjoy. Unfortunately, given the thousands of products on the market it can be an extremely challenging, and lengthy journey for cigar lovers to find that perfect cigar for their tastes. Cigar Sense was created in 2014 after its founder moved from Italy to the United States. The founder went through a painful trial and error process to find new cigars she would love, due to the disappointing fact that her beloved Cuban cigars were not available in the United States. With her husband she created the website, Cigar Sense. This is an independent, reliable online advisory cigar service to help cigar lovers find the perfect cigar for their personal tastes.

Cigar Sense understands how hard and frustrating it is for consumers to find a superior cigar to enjoy. With a sophisticated intelligent recommendation engine, Cigar Sense “learns” each member’s personal cigar preferences. The system then uses the information from each member’s profile and feedback to make custom, individual suggestions of new cigars that the user will be sure to love. But it is not just a simple algorithm. Given the rate of new offerings, the Cigar Sense’s international panel is constantly blind-testing new cigars on the market from all over the world, and profiling each one in great detail so that information can be available to cigar lovers. This information helps members always find new ideal cigars they will most definitely enjoy. Members also can track and share their personal tasting notes with their friends and other members, while refining their profile to zero in on their sweet spot.

Cigar Sense offers a free 30-day trial, as well as monthly and yearly premium memberships, which members recoup very quickly as they reduce that expensive guesswork. Visit to learn more.

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