Smart Networking

With an increasingly IP world there is an urgent need for mobile and fixed line service providers to take total control of their networks. Sure these networks have proven themselves time and time again to provide a very cost effective and versatile infrastructure to transport any multimedia traffic. However what operators need is to create end-to-end quality of service with full visibility of their network as well as an ability to proactively troubleshoot it before it becomes a real problem. To take control of your network and make sure you are protecting your business data, you need something with leading performance, reliable security, and a great fraud management system. Cataleya’s Orchid One comes with all that and so much more.

Orchid One is a next generation session border controller that delivers cutting edge technology that is giving network operators unparalleled visibility into network performance from the transport all the way to the application layers. By unlocking network performance through in-depth real-time analytics, Orchid One delivers full reports on the quality of each session, the service, network, bandwidth used, MOS/R-Factor scores, system, SLA KPIs and a whole heck of a lot more. Orchid One also knows how important it is to have comfort in knowing your business’ information is safe and secure. So, why not head off the problem before it is even noticeable? With the Orchid One’s integrated service aware firewall it prevents DoS or DDoS, malformed SIP packets and any other attack that could affect the service. Orchid One even comes with an integrated Fraud Management System that works hard to detect and prevent any voice fraud through progressive and heuristic machine learning.

Do you think you are ready for the Orchid One? To learn more, head over to today.

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