Efficient and Seamless Communication

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is one of the leading research and technology companies in Europe. Their ICT division has over 20 years of experience in the wireless communications industry. Now they’ve created a robust solution for intelligent mobility management.

In industry and logistics fields with automation, high communications quality is essential. For example, in container terminals that are dynamic environments, it is difficult to continuously cover the whole port area reliably with a single wireless network. If the main communications network fails, there must be at least one secondary network available. Taking the backup network into use should be done seamlessly to prevent interruptions, which can be expensive. Qosmo does this by implementing intelligent quality aware mobility management for wireless communications. That means that it is able to quickly detect when communications quality goes below a satisfactory level. A seamless quality-driven switch to another network can be made before anyone notices a decrease in quality. Qosmo bases its handover decisions on actual application quality rather than signal strength because signal strength does not indicate quality of service well. As a result, end-user quality doesn’t take a significant hit. Qosmo works hand in hand with another VTT solution called Qosmet, a passive and real-time quality of service measurement tool. Qosmet can perform Quality of Experience evaluation that provides accurate information on how users experience the quality of their connection. Qosmo can use information provided by yet another VTT solution called Qosnis.  Qosnis provides mobile terminals with information about networks in range and their quality on location basis. This enables Qosmo to discover and select handover target networks in an efficient and intelligent way. Qosmo works over existing IP networks and with network applications without the need for modifications.

Visit vttresearch.com to learn more.

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