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When you think of a steakhouse there are a few go-to spots that come to mind. But let’s be honest – the leader of the pack is Outback Steakhouse. It is hard not to love ‘em. I mean have you tried their Bloomin’ Onion? One word: yum. To make your dining experience even better they have just released a new mobile app that not only allows you to save money and time, but also make the overall experience spectacular.

Have you ever had a hard time tracking down your server for the check when you’re ready to leave? The Outback Steakhouse app comes with a “pay when you’re ready” feature which allows you to pay your bill right from your phone. You can even split the check and add a tip. So there is no more having to wait for the server to bring your bill. But truly the convenience starts before you even walk in the door. Do you hate arriving to a restaurant only to find out that there is a long waiting list? Well, the app features a wait list that allows you to jump in line for a table before you arrive. When you are next up for a table you will receive a notification. The Offer Pouch is where you keep exclusive coupons and offers that you will receive from Outback. Instead of having to remember to print out coupons you can conveniently use the app on your phone and just apply them directly to your bill. They have basically made the entire dining experience more efficient, affordable, and fun.

The new Outback app is currently available for iPhone and Android devices for free. Head over to the App Store or Google Play to download it today.

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