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MWC 2016

It is too often companies promote themselves using only one or two methods, such as a mail flyer or an email. But now there is one great way to promote your company that is too often overlooked. Think about it for a second. What is the one item that you can guarantee almost everyone carries around with them daily? Their phone. Go4Clients provides you with the perfect solution for all things in the realm of mobile promotion.

The creator of Go4Clients, Telintel, has been the one-stop shop for anything that involves mobile engagement since 1997. Now with the addition of Go4Clients they have truly taken it to the next level. This unique advertising platform allows for personalized robocall and SMS campaign creation. The personalized campaign includes relevant information that specifically applies to individual clients. Even better, it allows you to easily reach thousands of your customers all within five minutes. The user intuitive platform also offers landing pages, text2speech, IVR or interactive voice response, sms2call and click2call. All these options and a global reach. Reaching customers from all over the world has never been so easy! These services Go4Clients provides are not only valuable if you are a marketing agency, collection agency, contact center, but is also a perfect and simple solution in any situation where you need to reach a large mass of people easily and all at once. Each message, call, or landing page can be completely customized and tailored to your business’ specific message.

Go4Clients is a pay to go system with a basic package starting at $49. So if your brand or client needs to target an ad towards a large, global mobile audience, head on over to to sign up now.

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