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There are over 76 million baby boomers in the United States today. Unfortunately, many of them find it extremely difficult to keep up with the constant fast paced nature of technology. Well, a company called Systweak has worked hard to simplify and build applications that are in tune with their needs and technological competence.

The first app Systweak built is the Duplicate Photo Fixer. We know that everyone has duplicate photos eating up the precious, valuable space on their computer or phone. This app deletes the annoying multiple copies quickly. Then there is the Systweak Android Cleaner – also known as SAC. Systweak built SAC specifically for Android devices. SAC noticeably boosts and enhances the performance of your phone as well as increases the overall speed of your phone. To get SAC enhancing your phone, all you have to do is download it on your Android phone. SAC could be considered a phone life saver- it will free up RAM and disk space by deleting junk files, save your battery life by optimizing the settings of your phone, and it will also help you manage unused apps and storage space better. And finally there is the application Right Backup. This app is available on all platforms. This app will easily backup and store all your data on cloud storage. So if you ever happen to lose your phone or it crashes, you have comfort knowing that all your valuable information is safe. Even better, you can customize your backup and restoration options with Right Backup.  For all these apps, Systweak has 24-7 tech support in case you have any issues.

Visit one of these websites to learn more or download the apps on iTunes or Google Play today.

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