A Fun, Deception Style Game

App Review

Mobile apps are a great way to pass the time when you are by yourself. But who says mobile gaming can’t also be a social experience? Ready for a heart-racing and unique gaming experience on your phone or tablet? Check out the game Who Lurks by Hybrid Humans.

Who Lurks is a unique user-centric game where three to six players are on a spaceship destined for a new planet after Earth was destroyed. And each player has a job assigned to them- they may be the pilot, an engineer, the captain of the ship – you name it. And depending on how each player performs, the ship either does well or poorly. Makes sense, right? But of course there is a catch. One of the players is an undercover alien working to stop the humans from completing the goal. Nobody truly knows who is good or who is bad. If you make it to your new planet the alien is caught. If not, the alien wins and destroys your ship. And you need to be careful – the alien can infect one of you, turning you into an additional alien conspirator. Within the game, there are twelve mini games you can play. Whenever someone loses a mini game, they can potentially be eliminated. The idea is you could use your deduction skills and kill off the alien…but you could also accidentally kill off one of your own people such as the captain or chef. You can also go single player and play these mini-games non-stop to get high scores and unlock content. It is a fun deception style game that is both unique and interactive – perfect for a group of friends hanging out.

Who Lurks is available on iOS and Android devices for free. So head to your app store or visit wholurks.com to learn more.

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