Cutting Edge Technology Made Small

MWC 2016

It seems like it was only a mere few years ago when we were first introduced to the future of the amazing technology with smartphones, high end digital cameras, and computers that can do just about anything we want them to do. Technology is constantly advancing. These amazing advances in technology are all thanks to companies like Heptagon. Heptagon is a leading technology company that provides 3D imaging, illumination, and optical sensing technology to manufacturers to build new cutting edge tech products.

With over 2 billion units shipped and twenty years of industry experience, Heptagon has worked tirelessly to miniaturize and integrate complex hardware and software systems to give top companies an edge over the competition. By utilizing innovative technology, Heptagon has created mind blowing amazing tech products such as “TRINITY”, which is the world’s first multi-point sensor! They also created the UEYE platform for Iris recognition and eye tracking for smartphones, cars UEYE platform for Iris recognition, and eye tracking for smartphones and cars. Amazingly, they go even further with 3D tech with “MORA” – the world’s smallest all-in-one 3D module with an RGB camera and IR stereo and projector. Or check out “LIMA” – the world’s smallest pattern projector for stereo systems which works to create 3D imaging and augmented reality for gaming. Those are just a few of the many great tech products that Heptagon offers. By using these products in truly innovative and unique ways, companies can now create products that will continue to push technology forward.

Heptagon can help give your company a cutting edge in technology. Are you ready for technology of the future? Then head over to for more information on Heptagon and its line of cutting edge products.

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