Hulu Partners with Live Nation to Bring Music Fans Virtual Reality Concerts

By: Kassidy Coleman

Technology has drastically changed our lives over the past few years. And it has even made a lot of activities basically obsolete. But one thing that couldn’t possibly be replaced with technology is the experience of going to a concert, right? Well, soon you might have a different option for enjoying your favorite music. According to Mashable, Hulu is partnering with Live Nation to bring music fans virtual reality concert performances from popular artists. And it might actually be a more immersive backstage experience than if you were at the physical concert. I don’t know about you, but I think having your own personal concert by your favorite artist wherever you want sounds pretty sweet.

There’s no doubt that with the availability of virtual reality to the public the entertainment industry as a whole is about to completely evolve. Think about it for a second— there hasn’t been technology so drastic introduced to society in a long time. Kind of like when the internet was first introduced to the public, it was a total revolution and now we can’t imagine what life would be like without the internet (Really though, how did people function before the internet?!). And no other medium that we have right now has the same potential as virtual reality does, especially when it comes to bringing a concert to you. Sure maybe you could watch a live stream of a concert on your computer, but that doesn’t even come close to this.

And it is not like Hulu is completely new to the world of virtual reality, so this isn’t really a risky move on their part at all. In fact, if anything it is going to distinctly set them apart from their direct competitor, Netflix. In March, Hulu announced the launch of their app for Samsung’s Gear VR. Their app allows users to watch Hulu’s 2D content in a “360-degree” environment as well as watch content they’ve made specifically for virtual reality. Although most of the content Hulu has in their 2D library wasn’t intended for virtual reality, it still allows viewers to watch their favorite movies and shows in a variety of environments from a living room to the beach. I mean really, who doesn’t want to sit back on a relaxing virtual beach and watch Seinfeld? The VR content Hulu has in their library is also pretty impressive. With 25 channels of virtual reality content from networks like Showtime, Viacom, RYOR, and National Geographic, there is always something interesting to watch. And what’s more is the content Hulu has made specifically for VR runs “close to 4k.”

So with them already having experimented a little with virtual reality, it doesn’t shock me at all that they want to take it a step further and partner up with Live Nation. Not only that, but it is also just really exciting. I mean, can you imagine how cool it will be to enjoy your own private concert in the comfort of your own home? No more fighting crowds to get the perfect view or someone obnoxiously trying to Snapchat the whole concert right in front of you, rudely blocking your face with their phone.

While I don’t think that this could ever truly replace the exciting experience of going to a concert, you have to admit this is still pretty great and definitely means there is more to come as far as virtual reality experiences go.

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