Parents Could Be Sued for Posting Pictures of their Children on Social Media

By: Kassidy Coleman

You’ve most likely seen people posting pictures of their babies on social media, or maybe you have even posted some pictures of your kid. Well, you might want to be a little more cautious about posting those pictures of your kid online because they could end up suing you once they’re older. In France, parents have been warned to stop posting photos of their kids on social media due to them possibly suing them later in life for breaching their right to privacy or jeopardizing their security. The law could actually be catching up with the technology we have as this was never really an issue before social media. The children who grow up and sue their parents for breaching their privacy and putting them in danger could be awarded with substantial compensation. Parents might face a penalty of up to a year in prison and a hefty fine of €45,000 (which is roughly $51,000). But is this kind of punishment a little…extreme?

There is potential danger in posting pictures of children online. A recent (bizarre) trend is people stealing other people’s baby pictures and role-play as parents on Instagram. Not only that but authorities are worried that pedophiles may target families when they see pictures of children posted publicly. And then there is the question of if it is ethical to post pictures of your baby online when they have no say in it. As adults, we have a decent amount of control in what parts of our lives are publicly displayed online. Now there are kids just being born into it without much of a choice. Their online identity is being created for them instead of them deciding for themselves.

A year in prison and a fine is kind of severe for posting pictures of your child, but there should be some sort of regulation on what photos of kids can be posted. It is one thing to post newborn baby photos and it is another to post a more intimate experience such as your child being potty-trained. Of course this is also happening in France and not in the U.S. (yet) but it still something to think about. The best solution for now is probably to only share those photos in a private album that only family and friends can access.

Do you think parents should be punished for posting pictures of their children on social media? Comment below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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One Response to Parents Could Be Sued for Posting Pictures of their Children on Social Media

  1. An interesting situation, indeed. I don’t see harm in posting photos as long as they’re within reason (appropriate, not revealing, no physical danger, nothing shameful, etc.)… people are so uptight about “privacy” and “rights” but with the world we live in, there’s only so much you can even monitor/control. I could walk down the street, take a photo of a stranger, and then post it on my Facebook. Technically, I should have to ask the person for permission, right? But no one does (at least not typical day-to-day people. Maybe a professional photographer would). My point is that baby photos will likely be posted no matter what. Most adults don’t have much else to share besides stories, pictures, and updates about their kids. They’re everything. People won’t listen if you tell them they have to stop doing this. Just my opinion here.

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