Why People Are Upset About Facebook Tampering with their News Stories

Where do you go for your news? So many people rely on Facebook for a majority, if not all, of their news to see what the rest of the world is talking about. The social network is considered the world’s most influential news source. That’s why it is no surprise that so many people are up in arms in the recent controversy of Facebook tampering with what stories were trending.

According to the allegations, former Facebook staff would boost liberal causes and hide viewpoints that were more on the conservative side, as well as hide stories that put Facebook itself in a bad light. Many of the former Facebook workers stated they were told to inject certain stories into the trending category even if they weren’t necessarily trending. But is this really wrong? Legally, no. Ethically, probably.

Legally, Facebook did nothing wrong and they can’t really be punished for what they are being accused of. However, knowing how much power they have as an influencer, it isn’t really fair to users to be told certain news stories are the popular opinion. Facebook leads users to believe that the trending stories are important and what everyone is talking about. If a topic was actually trending and was more on the conservative side, the former Facebook staff would hide it from the “trending” section. This could potentially have drastic implications on events like the upcoming presidential election.

In a perfect world, people would search for more news sources than just Facebook. But let’s be honest – sometimes we just don’t have time to really dig through the news and it is easier to just glance through the trending topics on Facebook to see what everyone’s talking about. So many people trusted Facebook to provide them with the news stories that people were honestly talking about. It kind of makes you wonder if what you’re seeing on social media is really “trending.”

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One Response to Why People Are Upset About Facebook Tampering with their News Stories

  1. It’s a bit unethical but honestly, no one should blame Facebook. They never claimed to be unbiased. They never asked to be a primary news source. They manipulate people with the power we give them. It’s our responsibility to check multiple news sources and to make sure we know what’s up.

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