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Every day we hear on the news about different cyber-attacks that have occurred. Do you know why those cyber-attacks happen? Well, many of those cyber-attacks you end up hearing about on the news are caused by exploiting newly found vulnerabilities, which simply cannot be detected in real-time by current cyber security solutions. This critical security flaw unfortunately exposes businesses to detrimental security breaches. In 2015, the number of new zero-day vulnerabilities more than doubled with new ones found on average every day. And what makes it even worse is these numbers continue to keep on growing significantly. Deep Instinct comes to solve this critical problem by being the first company to successfully apply a domain called deep learning to cyber security.

The concept is actually really simple to understand. And just in case you are not familiar with deep learning, it is the closest domain in artificial intelligence to the way our brain learns to identify objects. It is very similar to how we learn different animals at an early age. So for example, in infancy our brain learns to tell the difference between a cat and a dog. Deep Instinct works the same way our brain learns to identify objects, its artificial brain learns to identify which files are malicious and which are benign. The result is the ability to also identify brand new cyber threats that have never been seen before and block them, all in real-time. This technology protects any PC, smartphone, tablet, and server, by identifying in real-time malicious intents and preventing them before they even get going.

Think you are ready to apply deep learning to your cyber security? For more information on this revolutionary technology go to today.


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