Forex Trading Made Simple

App Review

Have you ever been interested in market Forex Trading? Or maybe you know it as trading of currencies in the foreign exchange? We know it is hard to get into Forex Trading without much knowledge of the subject. To make it easier for yourself, you will want to check out the app eFXplus. This is a truly innovative FinTech app that live simulates FX strategies, trade positions, quantitative models, forecasts, and insights from the sell-side research of major banks.

eFXplus is meant to simulate FX strategies, trade positions, Quant Models, Forecasts and Insights from major banks’ Sell-Side Research. The seamless system allows users to access as well as compare related data that reaches back to November 2013. These trade ideas are auto tracked and updated in near real time by applying a proprietary algorithm, which authenticates their action ability status. As a user you can use the statistical and analytic tools that the app provides for you providing the most accurate data. These tools work for you to easily monitor, dissect, and apply these strategies at the touch of your fingertips. To make it even easier for you, these data tools are tailored to evaluate trade data and performance which allows you to simply compare related data going all the way back to November 2013. With bank views related to the current trading week coupled with bank forecasts and positions, you will be able to stay on top of your game with eFXplus.

Think you are ready to make Forex Trading even easier for yourself? The app currently has three different packages available for you, starting at $99 a month. eFXplus 2.0 is available on and So head there today to learn more.

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