The Future of Technology

MWC 2016

We know that cellular connectivity and smart connected devices are the future. And while we may think we have already arrived with this convenient tech, there is still so much more potential to be seen. The company U-Blox envisions a future with secure, stable, and robust connectivity. They create wireless semiconductors and modules for industrial, consumer, and automotive markets. U-Blox manufactures products focus on three areas – cellular, positioning, and short range. Narrowband IoT, also known as NB-IoT, is a new way of communicating with things that require small amounts of data over long periods of time in hard to reach places.

This technology works with applications that monitor utilities such as gas and water. Additionally, it can help smart cities with things like lighting, parking sensors, building automation, alarm systems, HVAC, and so much more. Based on cellular industry standards, NB-IoT has widespread support from a majority of the world’s mobile operators, as well as from the mobile network infrastructure vendors. NB-IoT has ultra-low power consumption and can deliver ten years or more of battery life. It also has excellent coverage and low costs. This makes NB-IoT perfect for connecting a wide variety of things on a larger scale. Most likely there will be a major roll-out of NB-IoT technology in many countries over the next couple of years. For the industrial consumer, NB-IoT can work with gas and water meters that are located in hard to reach places, as well as street lighting, parking sensors, and building automation. On the consumer end it is beneficial technology that can be used for tracking people and animals, or in our wearable tech. It can also help monitor land, pollution, noise, and rain, benefiting the agricultural and environmental industries.

Ready to learn more about this innovative technology? Head to for more information on the new Narrowband IoT technology.

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