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Have you ever tried recording music? Then you probably know that this type of software is not something that is easy to pick up without any sort of training. On top of that, most software options limit you by tying you down to a desktop computer. Check out Lumit. This technology was developed in Boston by Lumit Audio to bring professional music capabilities to the masses, no matter where you are.

Simply put, Lumit Audio is the fastest and easiest way to use a professional piece of music recording software. Lumit Audio has blurred the line between tablet and desktop music production by creating one robust application that can be carried on any device. With unique multi-touch gestures and an interface optimized for tablets, Lumit Audio allows you to create professional music whether you are in the studio, at home, or on the road. What truly sets it apart from its competitors is the simplified work flow. It not only presents a flat learning curve to novice music producers, it also boosts creativity for those who have been tethered to a mouse and keyboard and got lost in the depths of complex menu options for way too long. Lumit Audio is there for you wherever you are when creativity strikes. You can record, edit, sequence, and mix on-the-go directly from your laptop or tablet. It comes with all the basic features you would expect in a music recording software and more. Each download includes 13 high-caliber audio FX, over 1,000 polished samples ready to be looped and arranged, an audio processing engine second to none, full VST instrument support, MIDI mapping, and anything else you need for 21st century music production.

Are you ready to start making music? Head over to today for more information.

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