Twitter Rumored to Stop Counting Links and Images in Character Limit

By: Kassidy Coleman

Everyone is familiar with the social media company that limits their posts to 140-characters. But just in case you’ve been living under a rock since 2006, we’re talking about Twitter. The 140-character limit originated from the era before smartphones (also known as the dark ages). In case you forgot or weren’t into Twitter back then, a common way to Tweet used to be by texting, meaning it HAD to be 140-characters or the message would literally get cut off. It makes sense for the time, but clearly things have changed since people were Tweeting from their RAZR phone. Right now rumors are going around that Twitter will soon no longer count photos and links as part of the 140-character limit for Tweets.


The purpose of this change would be to give us more flexibility and freedom. Right now, links take up 23 characters (even after they’ve been shortened) and pictures take up another 24! That means if you want to spice up your Tweets with a photo and a link, you only have 94 characters to type your message. Some people have tried cheating the system by posting screenshots of articles to get more information into their Tweets, but that kind of looks tacky. Earlier this year, it was rumored that Twitter was thinking about increasing the limit to up to 10,000 characters. But of course, what sets Twitter apart from other social media networks is that fact that posts are short and quick (unlike on Facebook where some people feel the need to post long stories).

Although they may not exactly be increasing the character limit, Twitter is making a smart move. Seriously, have you ever written the perfect Tweet and then gone to add a link to the article you’re talking about or a photo and been crushed at how much information you had to take out of the Tweet? It is frustrating!

While this change is still a rumor, Twitter is currently declining to comment. There is speculation that this change could be happen in the next few weeks.


What do you think about this possible change to Twitter? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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