Efficient Freight Management System

Trucking is a trillion dollar a year business in the United States. There are over 2 million loads hauled every day, and 97% of those loads are hauled by small or independent companies with six trucks or less. For decades, there has been almost no visibility into that massive network of independent truckers. That is where LaneAxis comes in.

LaneAxis is a virtual freight management system that creates a platform for real-time tracking and data. It benefits not only the shippers, but the truckers too. Before this system many manufacturers dealt with numerous lost loads, driver compliance issues, and way too much uncertainty. Eventually, many shippers simply gave up and paid way too much for freight brokers to take care of things for them. Now more shippers are utilizing LaneAxis as an all-in-one solution to those pesky problems. This innovative cloud-based platform gives shippers and truckers real-time access to data reports, in-transit GPS tracking, and digital proof of delivery. This all creates real end-to-end tracking, making everything run much more smoothly. Imagine the kind of efficiency we are talking about here. There will literally be accountability at every point on the line. Managing your freight has never been this easy and efficient. Truckers love it because it pretty much eliminates all paperwork and phone calls while on the road. They also get exclusive access to loads they would otherwise never know about. All insurance, compliance, and driver safety scores are managed and monitored electronically through the system.

Think you are ready to start managing your freight more efficiently? Luckily for you, it is free to join for shippers and carriers. So, truck on over to LaneAxis.com to learn more and sign up.


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