Take Control of your Railyard

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If you have ever been to a railyard then you may have an idea of how many railcars there can be on any given day – easily 200. For years someone would have to walk the railyard and take down inventory and information on each rail car by hand. That is a lot of work! There needs to be an easier, more efficient way to get the job done. Recently, Industrial Networks found the solution and made this process much easier and simple with the use of handheld and stationary AEI readers. Now they are ready to take this process to the next level with the IRAD1.

The IRAD1 is a drone Industrial Networks is developing to allow you to take total control of your railyard, make operations more efficient, and save time. By using this drone, you will have a more efficiently-operated rail yard. The drone will be safer and more efficient than having a person doing the job. The drone will fly through the railyard autonomously and scan all AEI tags. It also has an advanced collision detection and avoidance system, meaning the drone will be able to successfully navigate proficiently through the railyard without worry of an accident. This will lower the risk of incidents in the railyard. With the addition of a mounted OCR camera, visual inspections can also now be automated, saving you time. Industrial Networks is also working on developing sensors to be placed on the cars which the IRAD1 will scan. For example, they would place sensors on hazardous railcars carrying chemicals so they can make sure everything is good before the car travels. Industrial Networks intends to launch the IRAD1 by 2018.

For more information on the IRAD1 head over to inetlp.com.


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