Real-time Playlist Collaboration


Sharing music with friends is always fun, but sometimes when there is no control it gets a little hectic. Not sure what we mean by that? Well, picture this. You are on a road trip with friends and you go to plug your phone in to play some music but somebody has already beat you to it and basically hijacks the speakers. Before you lose your cool, check out a great solution called Flo Music.

Flo Music is the must have music app for listening to music with friends. You might be asking yourself, “Why do I need another music app?” Well, this app is a little different than your generic music app. It connects smartphones with WiFi networks or WiFi hotspots and allows the connected devices to create a real-time collaborative playlist. This playlist is called a “Flo.” And what really sets this music app apart from the competitors is any device connected can add music to the playlist. This turns group listening sessions into a democracy, not a dictatorship. However, there is still some control because otherwise it would turn into an anarchy. The host or creator of the playlist is the only one who has true control of skipping, pausing, and approving who joins a Flo. And if there are no speakers present the phones can be linked up in “Sync Mode” to create a giant loudspeaker. That means no more having to put your phone in a cup to amplify the sound if your speaker ends up running out of battery. The app works with SoundCloud, Spotify Premium and downloaded iTunes– and will be adding even more streaming services for you in the near future.

Think you are ready for sharing music with friends? Flo Music is a free app and is compatible with iOS devices, Android coming soon. Head to your app store to download it today.


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