The Survival Canteen: Fire + Water – Perfect for All Outdoor Excursions

If you haven’t already heard about Arcway Industries, they are well-known for their fresh approach with recyclable materials in order to provide consumers with top of the line, socially responsible products. They know how hard it is to find high quality gear for all outdoor excursions and they did something about it. The Survival Canteen: Fire + Water is perfect for any outdoor activities. So whether you enjoy camping, hiking, or just being in the outdoors, this Survival Canteen is the perfect gear to bring along with you.

First, the water side. It comes with a 40 ounce Klean Kanteen water bottle which allows you to transport safe, clean drinking water. The Klean Kanteen fits perfectly in the 25 ounce TOAKS Titanium Cup that is included in the kit. The Titanium Cup is super lightweight and heats quickly. The fire side comes with a Firebox Folding Stove that is both small and lightweight. It is also durable and collapsible, because Arcway knows that is an essential quality for outdoor gear. Of course Arcway also knows that it is important to have the necessary materials to start a fire, so the kit comes with a Spark-Lite fire starter kit and Arcway’s exclusive Fatwood chips. The Spark-Lite fire starter kit allows you to start a fire quickly. The Fatwood chips are able to start a fire even in the harshest conditions. And Arcway didn’t forget the number one rule for survival gear: make everything practical and convenient. The whole kit is super easy to transport in a MOLLE canteen pouch.

The Survival Canteen: Fire + Water is a must-have for anyone who loves the outdoors. To learn more, head to today.

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