Get the Gift Cards You Really Want

App Review

Everyone loves getting gift cards, but we usually run into two scenarios. Either we get a gift card to a place we don’t really shop at. Or we stack up so many gift cards we end up forgetting that they exist. Well Cardpool has a solution for all our gift card woes. Cardpool is the premiere app for buying, spending, and selling gift cards.

Buying gift cards with this app allows you to snag pre-owned cards at great discounts. They’re serious about their discounts – they offer deals and savings of up to 35% off. Have you ever lost a gift card and suffered from severe disappointment? After buying your gift card, you can store it safely and securely on the app in case you ever accidentally lose it. So if you do happen to lose it, there is really no harm done. To make the app even more convenient, Cardpool will deliver your card directly to your digital wallet. Once that is done you can easily pay for stuff straight through your phone. It is so easy to manage all your gift cards in one place. Track your balances straight through the app so you never have to remember what’s what. Even cooler, you can sell your unwanted gift cards for cash right through Cardpool. All you have to do is get a quote for your unused or partially used gift cards and then sell them for cash or an Amazon gift card. So you get what you really want and it is super convenient and easy.

Are you ready to get the gift cards you really want? Cardpool is a free app available on iOS or through your web browser. Head to your app store or to start using it today.


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    You did a good job .

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