Instagram Has Good News for Businesses

Recently, Instagram has been full of changes. Earlier this month, they updated their famous app icon and also gave the app a sleeker, simpler design in order to have the focus more on photos and videos. Now they have another change that is good news for businesses.

With over 400 million monthly active accounts, many businesses have wanted to use Instagram to their advantage for a long time. But with a lack of tools provided from the social media app, it has been a struggle and hassle for many businesses. This morning, Instagram officially announced their new tools exclusively for business users. These new tools include analytics, new business profiles, as well as the ability to turn Instagram posts into ads.

Before making these changes, the social media app worked with many different businesses to find out what exactly they wanted out of the app. They found out that many businesses were having a hard time making their accounts stand out.

Much like with Facebook, the insights that businesses can now track includes post reach, engagement, and top posts. Business accounts will also be able to collect data on their followers such as location, gender, and age. Analytics will be able to be collected even if the post isn’t an ad. If the business wants to turn their post into an ad, they can easily do it directly from the Instagram app. Previously, to make an ad on Instagram, businesses had to do it from Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, which could be a hassle and is not ideal for small businesses that are often on-the-go. Businesses will also now be able to add a “contact” button on their Instagram profiles, which will allow them to have customers either call, text, or email when users press the button.

Fortunately, not just anybody can have a business profile on Instagram. You have to already have a Facebook Page for your business in order to change your account.  So that means people that are just self-promoting won’t be able to abuse the system.

What do you think of these new Instagram changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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