Quick and Secure Collaboration

Do you have a business? Then you know that improving efficiency is an important element in running a successful business. Unfortunately, so many companies struggle with their ability to create and collaborate on their business critical documents. Check out a document creation and collaboration software called XaitPorter.

XaitPorter is a simple and secure way to quickly collaborate with your company. It was originally developed for oil companies when they needed a more efficient way to collaborate with each other. This innovative cloud-based software allows you to create high-quality documents faster which in turn allows everyone to work on the same document. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the other side of the world, everyone has access to the document. And even better each person involved in the document can edit in real time. There is really no limit to the type of document that would benefit from the use of XaitPorter, making this an evolution of document creation and collaboration. These documents could be bids and proposals, reports, manuals, procedures, governing documents, contracts, annual reports, memos, it literally works for anything you would want to collaborate on with your team. So XaitPorter really is perfect for any business as it has so many different options and possibilities. If you do not want to edit the document but just want to make some notes and comments, you or any other contributor with access can add comments directly to the document. When everyone is done with their edits you can export it as either a PDF or Word doc. And from there you are ready to go.

Think you are ready to make your business more efficient and successful? For more information or to request a demo of XaitPorter head to Xait.com today.

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