Revolutionary Camera Tech

MWC 2016

With the technology we have today, it is now easier than ever to capture every moment. Taking a picture or video is as easy as pulling out your phone and snapping away. But no matter how simple and effortless it is we still want higher quality. Don’t you want your photos and videos in the highest quality physically possible? Companies that build smartphones put a lot of attention and effort into upgrading their cameras to meet the quality that consumers demand and expect. Well here is a revolutionary camera technology being produced by AP Photonics Limited.

This technology improves camera quality dramatically by employing an optical image stabilization mechanism which controls the lens to counter any external vibrations. So let’s say you are running along with a GoPro or you shake someone’s hand while videoing, normally this would introduce a lot of shaking in the finished video. Well if your device houses AP Photonics tech you will see something a lot different. The high precision gyro-sensor detects the vibration while the control driver analyzes the data at a high speed. The actuator then kicks in to control the optical components in real-time to counter the external vibration. Think about it for a second- this opens up so many possibilities when it comes to recording video and taking photographs because you will be able to enjoy the moment and not worry about whether or not you are moving too much. Because of its compact size and low power consumption, it is best suited for mobile devices but can be used in nearly any product.

Are you ready to stop worrying about whether or not you are moving too much while recording video and taking pictures? For more information on AP Photonics camera technology go to today.

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