Google’s Self-Driving Cars are Polite Drivers

By: Kassidy Coleman

(Photo source: Google)

Admit it, you’re excited for the day that your car drives itself and you can just mindlessly sit in it for the ride. It’s okay, we’re all eager to see when self-driving cars will replace traditional cars. It is strange to think that at one point driverless cars were thought of as a mere fantasy, but it is clear that we are getting so much closer to seeing them become a reality. For over seven years, Google has been working on their self-driving car project. Since the project began, the driverless cars have driven over 1.6 million miles. And the more Google reports how much further along they have gotten on the project, the more exciting it gets because we know that means these are closer to being a real thing for the general public. Well, now Google’s self-driving cars are not only smart, but they are even becoming polite drivers.

(Photo source: Google)

(Photo source: Google)

According to Google’s latest monthly report, the smart car has learned both when and how to honk the horn. It took a little bit of effort to train the AI, but the efforts have clearly been worthwhile. Google tested the car in numerous situations that a normal human driver would typically honk, such as when a car is backing out with a blindspot or a car heading down the wrong way on the street. At first the engineers on the project had the car  do a little honk inside the car in order to not confuse other drivers on the road. This allowed the engineers to take note on whether or not the situations the car was honking really required a honk. Once the engineers on the project felt the AI was ready, they let it blare its horn for all to hear.


(Photo source: Google)

Google stated that their goal is to make the car honk like a patient, experienced driver. The AI honking is not intended to be scolding other drivers, but to simply let other cars know about its presence. Google has even trained the smart car to honk the horn differently in various scenarios. For example, a car that is just backing out of a parking space, would receive two short honks, meanwhile a car that swerves dangerously into a lane would receive a long horn.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Google car is a great innovation that is built by Google. Self driving and auto pilot cars are getting more popular with good navigation.

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