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If you enjoy playing mobile or PC-based games that actually involve some strategy, then you are going to love Total War Battles: Kingdom. The Total War franchise has been around for 16 years but this is the on-the-go version you have been waiting for.

We’ll get into the game play, but the major difference with this version is that you can hand off from one device to another and never lose progress. So that means if you are on your computer but have to hit the road, that doesn’t mean you have to stop playing. All you have to do is jump on your phone or tablet and keep enjoying the game. Pretty sick. Now let’s talk gameplay. It is a strategy game with tactical battles so you want to build a large, strong army. The battles are fought in real time against either the computer or real players from around the world. Now don’t worry, this game is not all about the battle. It is also about pure strategy. You need to build your own kingdom. Manipulate the land for special advantages like damming a river to make a lake then channeling the river so it irrigates your crops. The game even simulates real nature effects like water freezing in the Winter or forests growing in Spring. There is really no limit. The game itself received Editor’s Choice in the Apple Store and Best New Game in Google Play. So far it has been released world-wide in English, Spanish, French, and German.

Are you ready to start enjoying this game? You can download Total War Battles: Kingdom for free oniPad, iPhone, Android, PC or Mac by heading to your respective app store today.

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