Personalized Workouts

Alright, so it is no longer the new year and you are feeling like maybe you are ready to revisit that resolution you made a few months back to start exercising and get fit. So where do you start? Discover Updown Fitness. The workout app for anyone, anywhere.

You will never get bored with this workout app. With over 1,500 exercises, you will never get stuck with the same old repetitive routine. Not only is there a wide variety of exercises to choose from, but it is also extremely easy. Simply start by selecting 1 of 5 workout types. Then you can select your workout length, your location like gym or home, and your desired intensity. Updown then instantly generates a completely personalized workout tailored just for you. It is like having a personal trainer but without paying a fortune. The app guides you through your workout with timers and audio cues. What makes Updown unlike any other fitness app is it learns from you. By using a proprietary algorithm, it automatically adjusts your reps and weights as you progress. No more plateaus. Already have a favorite routine? Create it in Updown using the custom builder tool. Are you someone that needs a little extra help getting motivated to go to the gym? Well, with Updown you get motivated by earning points, and even earn rewards for exercising with a premium account. What’s more, Updown is partnering up with gyms so that your app will sync all of your gym’s equipment and workouts.

Ready to revisit your resolution? You can download Updown Fitness for free or sign up for the premium version to receive additional features and rewards. It is available foriOS, Android, or on the web. So, head to your app store to download Updown Fitness and start reaching your fitness goals today!

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