Innovative Software Engineering

The software industry has always been plagued by bugs and faults. Software projects are seven times more likely to overrun their schedule than projects in other industries. And little wonder. Software engineers are expected to deliver these complex systems while denied the power of specialization. Killing their ability to specialize is the ease at which software parts can be replicated. No developer can ever hope to make a living as a software specialist when their IP is given away with their every sale. Code Valley’s founder, Noel Lovisa, had the flash of insight that gives the power of specialization backto software developers; instead of a developer selling a standalone software part to their client, what if the client provided the developer with a project construction-site into which the developer builds their part?

Now, the developer sells a service of ‘integrated design’ – a design-contribution – rather than a ‘standalone software part’ and its added burden of integration. And unlike parts, design-contributions cannot be replicated by clients, enabling developers to finally harness the power of specialization and earn a living as a specialist. And Noel Lovisa didn’t stop there. What if a developer’s output was not limited by the speed of their typing or mouse-clicks, but was limited only by the speed of light? Instead of a developer manually providing their design-contribution, Code Valley gives them a tool to create a special program that automatically delivers design-contributions on its creator’s behalf. This program is called a Vendor. A developer can create one of these Vendors, deploy it in the Code Valley marketplace where it goes to work, delivering thousands of specialized design-contributions to thousands of projects, and collecting thousands of payments, in the space of mere minutes. This marks a new era of software engineering, one that says goodbye to hand-written software projects that take days, months… even years! In this system, every time a software project is initiated, thousands of these Vendors come together to form a unique supply-chain around a project and collectively designs and builds the customized software… in hours. And the IP of each contributing developer stays safely protected within their Vendor. Creating complex software is now fast-and-easy and highly accountable – one merely selects the desired software features and the marketplace goes to work. We are now poised for a full software industrial revolution.

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