Revolutionary Tool for Education and Entertainment

Remember when playing in the sandbox was the highlight of your day? Playing with sand has been found to be vastly important in the development of children as it elevates their imagination and concentration. Research and development company UTS has taken sandplay to the next level with iSandBOX. This revolutionary technology brings sand to life for the ultimate imaginative play.

This innovative technology takes a box of sand and turns it into an augmented reality sandbox for both education and entertainment purposes. Through projected light it can create interactive blue water, red lava from volcanoes, and grassy hills directly on the sand. This can help teach kids the basic concepts of nature, weather, and geography, as well as improve motor development. Working with interactive sand improves children’s concentration and social skills as well as teaches them basic natural world concepts. In addition to childhood education, iSandBOX can also be used for adults in gaming, presentation activities, and even scientific research. The possibilities are literally endless. Together with sand reservoir, computer and projector, iSandBOX employs a depth measurement sensor that determines the distance to the surface of the sand. There are four different versions of iSandBOX from a lite version where you can actually construct your own DIY sandbox to a standard version where up to ten children can play at a time. It is perfect for the classroom, science museums, therapy offices, and even amusement parks. Every version comes with many different game modes offering a wide variety of experiences for both children and adults, and could be used in so many different situations.

Are you ready for the ultimate interactive experience? For more information on iSandBOX go to today.

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