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We are not sure if you noticed or not, but virtual reality is kind of a big thing right now. Like really big. VR has always been a great concept but it was not until recently that it actually entered the realm of cool. How awesome would it be to create your own VR content? Now you can with a cool new app called Hashplay.

Hashplay is a VR content creation platform that allows anyone to build their own interactive 360-degree locations and share them. You can upload photos, videos, and even live game play and turn them all into interactive VR experiences. Let’s say you are a gamer. Well you can drop in and edit video of your game play and share them with an audience. Pretty cool, right? And it does not just have to be a rendered image. Let’s say you want to go out for a walk and want others to join you. Well just record it, upload it in the app and invite others to join you. It really is as simple and cool as it sounds. And Hashplay is a VR network as well, which means that you can walk through another user’s or a brand-generated virtual reality experience. As big as virtual reality is right now, no other app is doing what Hashplay is. It is a completely unique experience.

Are you ready to start creating, sharing, and exploring unique virtual reality experiences? The Hashplay app is currently compatible with Android devices and works with Google Cardboard. But don’t worry – it will soon be available in the iOS and Oculus stores. You can download the free Hashplay app in the Google Play store or head over to today.

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