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If you are an OS X or iOS developer, or if you offer Apple-centric services pertaining to that marketplace, you might have a little trouble finding out how to get people to hear about your product. prMac is the only exclusively-Apple press release distribution website out there. Press releases are a vital marketing tool in ensuring a successful launch of your product. By constructing the right press release with pertinent information and distributing it to the right outlets you get the word out there in one fell swoop, and prMac is with you every step of the way.

Getting yourself and your product out there can be hard, especially at first. prMac makes it simple and easy. They provide a platform where you can easily fill out information on your product or service following simple step-by-step instructions. When you are done, your release is sent to an editor who moderates it, and can even offer you feedback on ways to make the press release more effective. Once your press release is approved and ready for distribution, they send it out to a media list. Each press release goes to a different media partner depending on its channel or interest, so your campaign is tailored especially for people who are searching for something like you have to offer. prMac offers Extended Releases for enhanced visibility, including Google News and media aggregation and even Video News Releases that are sent out along with the Extended Release.

Are you ready to get your product on the radar and start driving results? Registering with prMac and distributing through their platform is free and there are also other paid options for enhanced exposure. Head to to get started today.

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