5 New Rules for Commercial Drones – Bad News for Amazon

By: Kassidy Coleman

If you were excited about the possibility of Amazon or Walmart using drones to deliver their products, we have some bad news for you. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has just set the first operational rules for commercial drones which pretty much make it so we won’t be getting anything delivered via drone.

The good news is at least the laws are starting to catch up to the technology that we have. These rules are finally laying some very important framework for commercial drone operation. The bad is, well, we probably won’t be able to get anything delivered by a drone in the near future.

The rules are to take effect in late August.

  1. Drones need to remain in the line of sight for their pilots – This is pretty much what makes it impossible for drone delivery to work. There’s no way Amazon or Walmart will be able to ensure that the drones are constantly in their line of sight.
  2. The maximum speed for the drones is 100 mph while the maximum altitude 400 feet. The speed limit isn’t too terrible; most drones can’t even fly nearly that fast. While the drone is in the air it must not be over “unprotected people.
  3. Pilots must be at least 16 years old and have passed an aeronautical test and remote flying certificate. This is only for commercial drones. Hobbyists are still allowed to fly drones without a license.
  4. There will also be TSA background checks for all drone pilots. This is a safety precaution to deter drone terrorism.
  5. New rules have extended flying into twilight as long as it has anti-collision lights. Current rules had restricted commercial drone flying to daytime use only.

According to Mashable, the FAA is currently working on building an online waiver portal for companies to apply for waivers to certain restrictions, if they are able to prove they can still fly the drones safely. So there’s still some hope for Amazon!

We’re pretty disappointed that commercial drones won’t be delivering our Amazon packages anytime soon, but we’re still glad that there are rules to make everything safer for everyone.

What do you think about the new rules the FAA has established? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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