Gifts and Apparel to Honor Veterans

Here at NewsWatch, we have a very strong appreciation and high level of respect for the U.S. military. So it only seems appropriate that we would highlight this next series of American made products. and are two sites owned and operated by a group of Navy and Marine veterans who create apparel, coins, and gifts dedicated to our wonderful men and women that serve our country. The focus of these two websites is to honor our active duty and prior service veterans. Devil Dog Shirts is a site by Marines for Marines. And Navy Crow is operated by active duty Sailors.

Each website supports the military by employing disabled and serving veterans which is amazing. At you will find countless products and gifts that truly capture the US Marine Corps warrior ethos. At you will find many Naval oriented items for your favorite sailor or even for yourself. Both sites carry original military oriented designs in everything they create, from shirts for men and women to specialized coins. There is a gift for everyone of all ages. We know it can be hard to find officially licensed products for the military that are fun and personalized. Well, all the products on these websites are licensed by the United States Navy and the USMC so you know it is completely legit. Both sites produce on-demand so they can really work with their patrons to ensure everything is made-to-order.

Ready to check out these awesome websites? Whether you are a proud veteran yourself or just want to show your love and appreciation for the United States Military, go ahead and check out or today and see what they have to offer.

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