Why the iPhone 7 Probably Won’t Have a Headphone Socket

By: Kassidy Coleman


As we get closer and closer to the release date for the iPhone 7, more rumors begin to emerge about what new features it will or won’t have. One rumor that has been sticking around for a while is that Apple might be removing the headphone socket. This is something that is upsetting many people. Over 300,000 people have signed a petition asking that Apple not get rid of the headphone socket.

If you’re thinking there’s no way that Apple would ever get rid of a headphone socket, something that has been pretty much universal since…well, since we can’t remember NOT having headphone sockets, here’s a quick history re-cap: In 1998, Apple released the iMac G3 which was a unique computer in that it didn’t have a floppy disk drive. Steve Jobs had ditched the floppy disk because he thought of the technology as unnecessary and we needed to evolve to CD-ROM and USB.  It took about a decade later for other companies to finally realize that floppy disks weren’t fit for our society any longer as most files were too big for the storage device. So, considering Apple’s history, it is definitely a huge likely possibility that Apple will be ditching the headphone jack we have all known and loved.


The iPhone 7 is rumored to be thinner, waterproof, and support wireless charging.  Apple Insider reportedly confirmed that Apple will be promoting wireless headsets, but will also support Lighting (the port that has been used for data transfers and charging in the more recent iPhones) as the wired audio option.


It’s evident that the phone industry is having a tough time trying to constantly come up with the sexiest phones. Some analysts even believe that consumers will buy far fewer new phones this year. And with the Galaxy S7 already confirmed to be waterproof, it’s no wonder Apple is trying desperately to catch up.

Will you get the new iPhone if it doesn’t come with a headphone socket? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!

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