Will a Smart Watch Help Your Kid Learn Time Management?

By: Kassidy Coleman

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)


It can be extremely difficult to teach kids good habits, that will help them later on in life, like time management. Seriously, in the busy world that we live in, even as an adult it can be hard to have good time management. So expecting kids to be able to develop that skill on their own isn’t really fair. A smart watch specifically for kids might be the perfect solution.

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

The Octopus watch by Joy started a Kickstarter campaign and has over $328,267 pledged of its $50,000 goal. This is the first smart watch for kids to teach them both good habits and the concept of time. On their Kickstarter page, the company states “Studies have shown that children under 8 years old don’t understand the concept of time, let alone remember what to do when a certain time rolls around. We have designed the first watch that helps them understand how parents expect them to use their time. We believe this will help children form good habits and help them to take responsibility for their actions.”

It has three purposes: to work as a watch, scheduler, and an assistant. Intended for children 3-8 years old, the watch helps kids and parents work together to maintain good habits and eventually develop a sense of independence and self-esteem. It shows the time paired with icons that represent an activity that goes with that time. For example, at 8:00 pm it might show an icon a person in bed, letting the child know it is bedtime. This makes it a clock that a child can actually comprehend by linking time to certain events. Over time, the clock face can change to help teach kids to read digital and analog.

Sick of power struggles with your kid? The scheduler allows parents to program certain visual reminders from their phone that can pop up on the kid’s watch. If you’ve ever tried to get a child to brush their teeth or do a chore at a certain time, then you know it can be a nightmare! At a certain age, children just love the thrill of power struggles, no matter how well-behaved they usually are.

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

(Photo source: Joy/Kickstarter)

It works as an assistant by helping parents prioritize expectations and stay consistent with daily routines. If you expect to get your kids into good habits, you must be too!

We think this is an interesting way to incorporate technology for young kids without being overbearing. There’s no games or messaging, but it is still a fun tool for kids. There are options for kids to be able to unlock virtual badges based on their progress.

Do you think this kid-friendly smart watch is a good idea? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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