Don’t Lose Your Things

Losing your keys or phone is equivalent to losing your mind. You swear you put them right on the nightstand but they’re not there and are nowhere to be found. That’s where smart item finders come in.  XY Findables is creating a complete line of smart item finders to use on any valuable belonging.  Each of their finders is powered by Bluetooth LE allowing you to use the companion XY Find It app to track down your items.  Their third generation XY Finder, the XY3, is their most impressive yet.  It has cool new features including a louder speaker and a button that makes your nearby phone ring while returning features include out of range notifications, a replaceable battery, and access to a community Lost and Found network. And like I said, they’re creating an entire line of findables with new products in development.

XY Findables means never misplacing your important items again, but also is great for theft protection. Imagine attaching it to you bike and it gets stolen. Now, you can tell the police exactly where to find it. You can basically have a lo-jack on anything that you need to have one on!

The XY3 is currently available for pre-order in 8 different colors. You can pick up one for $24.99 or a three pack for $59.99. Just head over to or Fry’s Electronics, Dillard’s, Ace Hardware, Brookstone, FredMeyer, Exchange, or B&H to purchase. XY Findables is also currently running an equity crowdfunding campaign where anyone can become an owner in the company and get in on the ground floor of an awesome company by visiting their page on

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