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With the invention of these beautiful things like cell phones, tablets, laptops, and the internet we’re now connected around the clock to our work and social life.  This connectivity has created an environment where work and play are fully integrated with one another.  We work while we work out and we text while we meet with coworkers.  So if you run a business and are trying to capture your key audience, how do you keep up with this new reality?   Well for starters, you work with a company like The Performance Group, also known as TPG. TPG works with companies around the globe to build and manage their corporate events. These events, much like their most recent event in Miami, bring together targeted audiences to communicate, engage, and deliver key messages – anything from new sales objectives to new product lines. But TPG doesn’t just manage the event, they create an atmosphere that embraces this new work/play inter-connectivity concept.

TPG not only does meetings like their event in Miami – but also manages highly crafted incentive trips, sales kickoffs, conferences, product launches, consumer events, and even executive retreats. These events take place all over the world, from Bangkok to Las Vegas to London. “TPG is a Certified National Women’s Business Enterprise, and we believe in partnering with qualified, experienced and value-drive suppliers. We embrace cultural diversity in ownership, management and staff, and we are committed to working with a diverse supplier pool, allowing us to take advantage of innovative perspectives, unique talents and cutting-edge ideas.” TPG says “Flawless execution requires the best people, time-tested process and innovative technology.” “TPG events surprise and delight with astonishing venues eye-popping creative concepts.” “TPG delivers events on a budget, on schedule, and on-the-mark, catapulting you to the heights of success” And we have to agree that they do deliver exactly that.

For information on how your next corporate meeting can experience the TPG touch, visit tpgnc.comtoday.

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