Microsoft Pays Out $10,000 for Pushing Windows 10

By: Kassidy Coleman

If you don’t already have Windows 10, there’s a good chance you’ve seen those pop-ups recommending that you update. Many people have complained that there’s no clear way to say no, making the update more forced than just a friendly recommendation from Microsoft. One Californian woman, Teri Goldstein, has recently received $10,000 from Microsoft due to the automatic Windows 10 update failing on her Windows 7 computer.


Like a lot of people, Goldstein used her computer for work. According to the Seattle Times, Teri Goldstein stated she had never even heard of Windows 10 and did not consent to the update. The automatic update completely killed her computer and made it totally unusable. After she contacted Microsoft’s support and they were unable to fix it, she sued Microsoft for loss of earnings and a new computer. In order to avoid any further legal bills, Microsoft dropped the appeal and paid out $10,000 to Goldstein.

Goldstein is not the only one complaining about the automatic update. With Windows 10 currently being offered for free to anyone with Windows 7 or later until July 29, it appears that the company is becoming more and more aggressive, and pushing it on people who don’t want it. Starting in March of this year, users started complaining that Windows 10 was automatically updating whether they wanted it or not.


According to Paul Thurrott, a longtime Microsoft follower, the pop-up asking users if they want Windows 10 does have the X in the upper-right hand corner we’re all familiar with, but there’s a twist. The X is interpreted by Windows as an okay to go ahead and update with Windows 10. Thurrott stated, “The violation of trust here is almost indescribable.”


Microsoft states that Windows 10 is “the best, most secure Windows ever.” While it’s nice that the reason they’re pushing Windows 10 onto users so hard because it’s more secure, people should be allowed to choose whether or not they want to completely switch operating systems.


Is Microsoft being too aggressive by basically forcing people to update to Windows 10 or is it okay that they just want everyone on the same secure operating system? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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