Personalized Stories and App Adventures for Kids

You’ve probably sent an “I miss you” or “Happy Birthday” card to a child at some point. Don’t get me wrong – cards are great – but what if you could send something that’s meaningful like a card but also engaging for today’s tech-savvy kids? Here’s where Gingersnap comes in.

Gingersnap has launched a range of apps that allow parents, grandparent and other relatives to gift, fun and educational adventures to their kids that the adults themselves can star in. The adult downloads a Gingersnap story from the app store, customizes it, and then gifts it to the kid to access on their own device. First you pick a story, add the child’s name, and then include yourself as a character on-screen. and then personalize it to include yourself in the animation, so you appear as a character in the app. The children can then unlock their personalized app via a “smart-link” sent in e-mail or on a physical postcard. The kids get to complete challenges and solve puzzles to move the story along. At the end of each adventure they’re encouraged to take a digital picture that can be sent back as a digital thank you.

According to their website: “Gingersnap was set up a couple of years ago by a bunch of geeky dads who have worked in digital media since the days of the dial up internet. Like many families, we saw our own children increasingly gravitating to tablets and smartphones, for homework, entertainment and chatting with their friends…whilst our own family and relatives weren’t really being accommodated with the new technology that was on offer.” 

Gingersnap apps are available now for iPad (with iPhone and Android coming soon). They’re free to download with a small in-app purchase if you decide to send. Head to NOW, to start your story.

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