4 Robots that Could Completely Change Life as we Know it

By: Kassidy Coleman

Here at NewsWatch we have a bit of a love-hate relationship with robots. We love that they’re quickly advancing and make our lives a little easier, but we still consider them to be one of the top five scariest technologies. Regardless, we can still admit that they are pretty cool. Check out these four robots that are going to change life as we know it.

  1. Food Delivery Robot – We’re pretty used to getting our food delivered by a person, but soon we might be getting them delivered by a robot. According to Time, Starship Technologies has self-driving delivery robots beginning to make an appearance in London, Dusseldorf, Bern, and Hamburg. Two food delivery services from those areas, Just Eat and Pronto, will be using the robots. The grocery store Metro Group and shipping service Hermes will also be using them in those areas. Starship believes that these delivery robots could cut down cost and time spent on delivery. If you’re worried about whether or not these robots are safe for public – don’t. They are totally safe and have been tested over 5,000 miles and have encountered 400,000+ people. There have been zero incidents reported so far. We’re hoping these robots come to America soon.
    (Photo source: Starship Technologies/YouTube)

    (Photo source: Starship Technologies/YouTube)

    2. Robot Pet that Does Chores –  Robot? Pet? Does chores? Count us in! SpotMini, created by Boston Dynamics is a 55-pound, four legged robot. This guy can unload your dishwasher, throw away trash, and even bring you a can of soda from the fridge. This is probably the kind of robot that would terrify Andrew. It’s really cool, check it out here:

    3. Home Health Robot – Pillo is the first intelligent health and wellness robot for your home. This robot, whose Indiegogo campaign is close to hitting their $75,000 goal, plans to help families stay healthy and take their medicines. It features advanced facial recognition to distribute your medication and can even track your heart rate and steps if you download the wearable app. Link it to your doctor and inform family of any potential problems. Pillo wants to help you with all your medical and health needs.

    (Photo source: Pillo Health/YouTube)

    (Photo source: Pillo Health/YouTube)

    4. Robot Security Guard – Yup, robot cops are totally a real thing now. Recently Uber has adopted K5, a five-foot, 300-pound security robot that looks like a giant egg, for their parking lot. Created by Silicon Valley start-up Knightscope, this robot could potentially replace human security guards. It features a thermal camera, 360-degree vision, weather sensor, four microphones, a license-plate recognition camera, and even person recognition capabilities. So this robot can’t really do anything if it sees anyone suspicious, but it can set of an alarm to notify human security guards as well as record the whole incident to later be used by police.

    (Photo source: Knightscope/YouTube)

    (Photo source: Knightscope/YouTube)


Which robot do you want in your life most? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!


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