Tournament Gaming Headset

We love our gaming here at NewsWatch, so of course we cover any new gear that holds up to NewsWatch standards. And when you’re putting together the ultimate gaming system, it’s important to have a fantastic headset.  At E3 we had the chance to check out a brand new eSports headset that’s quickly become one of our favorites. Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset was designed to give eSports players ultimate comfort and performance.

After three years in the making, with tons of feedback from pro and serious gamers, Turtle Beach has created a headset for the eSports athlete and aspiring pro players. Sure, casual gamers can use an everyday headset or even settle for the headset that comes with the console for free. But Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro headset debuts several features that make it a far superior product.  First is audio performance, and the Elite Pro’s 50mm Nanoclear speakers deliver crisp sound with minimal distortion for a game changing audio experience. Any pro knows that hearing nuanced sounds can make or break a match, and the Elite Pro ensures you hear it all. Next is chat performance, and the Elite Pro’s Pro Gaming Microphone with TruSpeak technology delivers crystal clear communication between teammates, ensuring all commands are heard amidst the heat of battle. Last, but certainly not least is comfort. Some say a comfortable headset results in a more focused gamer. This mentality led Turtle Beach to create their revolutionary ComforTec Fit System with AeroFit Ear Cushions, which offers multiple adjustment points to ensure the perfect fit, while also delivering exterior noise isolation and cooling comfort. Further, the Elite Pro’s memory foam ear pads are infused with cooling gel to keep players heads from overheating. And if you’re a gamer who wears glasses, the Elite Pro features something special for you – the ProSpecs Glasses Relief System, which is an adjustment built into the ear pad that creates a channel for your glasses to pass through so you can finally game in comfort. Turtle Beach also offers-up the Elite Pro Tactical Audio Controller and Elite Pro Tournament Noise-Canceling Microphone, each sold separately. Add those to the Elite Pro headset and you’ve got the ultimate audio setup designed to help win.

The Elite Pro headset goes for $199.95. Hey, if you want to be an elite gamer you need the best gear, so get yours at today.

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