Snapchat’s Newest Feature – Memories

Are you sick of hearing about Snapchat? Hopefully not, because Snapchat has made yet another change to their social media app that’s got everyone talking. The company is introducing a feature called Memories, which will allow you to save your Snaps and Stories directly on Snapchat.


This is a more interesting change as Snapchat has always prided itself on allowing you to send messages that disappear. Now it seems that they are feeling a little bit of pressure to keep pushing out new features in order to stay relevant.


The new feature will allow you to create new Stories using Snaps you’ve already taken. You can send Snaps from Memories to your friends, string together different Snaps to put on your Story, or save it for your eyes only. This is a totally new way to be creative and have more fun with Snapchat – You can string together old Snaps to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, show off highlights from your vacation, the possibilities are endless.

Snapchat used this video to introduce the new feature:


If you’re worried about Snapchat saving Snaps you don’t want it to save, don’t be. It won’t backup anything you don’t want it to. If you use any photos or videos from your Camera Roll, it will only save what you used.

Memories will be rolling out over the next month and we are pretty excited to try it out. Snapchat stated we will receive a Chat from Team Snapchat once Memories is up and ready to be used.


What do you think about this new Snapchat feature? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter!

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