Fun Video Interactions with Friends

There are a million social media apps out there. But let’s be honest for a second, the word “social” is used a little too generously these days. All too often these networks are not social at all, lacking real and meaningful interactions, and your “friends” list is a horde of super random people you don’t even know. Well, for a truly social experience check out the app Tuurnt.

If you’re wondering how this is different from other social media apps, let us explain. Like other social media apps, it allows you to watch, comment or like a photo or video. But then it goes in a totally different direction by adding another level of interaction to make it truly social. Tuurnt allows you and your friends to reply directly to a video or photo with your own video, meme, or pretty much anything you want. By doing this, you create a video sequence called a Tuurnt. You and your friends are able to submit one video or reply to a post within a 24-hour time-period. And the countdown starts over each time someone replies to your Tuurnt. But don’t worry – you are still able to watch the video after that period is up. That way all your friends stay in the know and engaged with each other in a unique visual format – thus being and staying social. But don’t worry, they care about your privacy too. So that means you can use private messages for your any conversations you want to keep private.

So, are you ready to get Tuurnt? Tuurnt is a free app available for iOS. Head on over to the iOS app store or to download it.

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