Segway Creator’s Super Advanced Prosthetic Arm to be Released Late 2016

(Photo source: Mobius Bionics)


(Photo source: Mobius Bionics)

Back in 1999, Dean Kamen invented the Segway. But the Segway isn’t the only thing Kamen has invented. For over ten years he has been working on an advanced prosthetic arm, Luke. And two years ago, the FDA approved Luke. Now, the wait is almost over – Mobius Bionics has announced that they will release the prosthetic arm sometime in late 2016.


Named after Luke Skywalker’s prosthetic arm in Star Wars, Luke can offer way more flexibility and dexterity than current prosthetic arms. Not only that, but it also just looks really cool –check it out:



The wearers have total control over the prosthetic arm, which could almost be considered superhuman strength. Digital Trends said exactly what we’re all thinking – “we’re eerily close to getting the artificial superhuman strength so long dreamed of by cyber enthusiasts.”

(Photo source: Mobius Bionics)

Luke has been tested on almost 100 amputees for over 10,000 hours and has received the big seal of approval from the FDA. The FDA stated “The DEKA Arm System may allow some people to perform more complex tasks than they can with current prostheses, in a way that more closely resembles the natural motion of the arm.”


There has been nothing like this in the field of prosthetics yet, so it will be really interesting to see how it works out once Luke is available. You can grab heavy and delicate items with the assistance of the grip sensors. Seriously, the freedom and movement that Luke will be able to offer to amputees is amazing.



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