Find Clothes & Accessories from Movies & TV

Have you ever watched a show or a movie, and someone walks on screen with an awesome jacket or to-die-for purse? Instantly you are like, “I must have that.” It’s okay to admit it, we all have done it at least once. But the problem always is, how are you going to find it? Check out this cool app, Reveel.

The Reveel app allows you to browse and buy pretty much any item you see in video or in print with a simple scan. Finding clothing and accessories from shows and movies has never been so easy. To use the app all you have to do is look for the Reveel logo, open the app, and use your smartphone camera to align the content being scanned with the dashes on your screen. Then, hit the Reveel button and the app quickly scans the material. A moment later it will present you with a list of retail products and relevant content for you to browse through. This app completely eliminates annoying Google searches that may or may not help you find what you’re looking for. And if you do find something that you want, you can actually buy it right then and there or just explore a particular listing to learn more. It really is as simple as that. Reveel is the quickest and easiest solution to get products from the screen, to your door, and in your hands.

It is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. So, if you are ready to start getting stuff from the screen into your hands, head on over to the app store or to download it today.

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